Color Changing Adult Green to Yellow Shirt


Light green to yellow hyper-color shirt for men and women

T-shirt design matters a lot, and it’s the only part that differentiates you from others. Then there comes a magical shirt that changes color with heat.

This color-changing t-shirt is manufactured in the U.S.A and uses advanced color-shifting technology. This unisex shirt six has different color-changing effects, three colors for men and three for women. Adults and kids can wear this color-shifting shirt by choosing the right size, taking the family fun to the next level.

This shadow shifter t-shirt is heat sensitive and changes color accordingly. You can only observe a color change after wearing a t-shirt, and there is no need for sun. The body part with the highest temperature will first experience the color change, or if your hands are warmed enough, you can also see the shadow print by touching the fabric.

Color Changing Adult Green to Yellow Shirt changes color to yellow when exposed to heat and returns to green when cooled. You can easily wash and dry this shadow shifter shirt in a machine to make it durable.

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