Color Changing Adult Orange to White Shirt


Orange to white hyper-color shirt for men and women

This amazing shirt by our vendors is not an ordinary t-shirt. The t-shirts are unisex and are perfect to wear on any casual day. The interesting thing about this t-shirt that makes it unique and different from all other t-shirts is its color-changing effect.

The t-shirt changes its color when heated. You can see the color change by just rubbing your hand on the shirt. The color reverses back to its original color after a while. The t-shirts come in a variety of 6 colors; pink changes its color to blue, grey turns to white, green turns to yellow, purple turns to pink, blue turns to white, and orange turns to white.

Since it’s a unisex t-shirt, you can choose according to your color preference and choice. The shirt also changes color when water is splashed on it. the deep colors are fascinating and attractive. You can also wear the shirt to your next pool party and fascinate your friends with the color-changing effects.

The shirt is easy to wash in the washing machine and the fabric has a very long life. The shirts are available in both half sleeves and full sleeves which is another plus point. You can also get the color changing shirts in kids’ sizes as well so the whole family can flaunt this trendy t-shirt together.

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