Color Changing iPhone XR Case


fits iPhone XR phones

Made from quality polycarbonate material, this iPhone XR Hypercolor Case will provide you with a very good grip when holding your phone. It has a nice and strong matte texture bumper edge, specially created to prevent the phone from slipping and falling. The case is very easily installed and removed. Its great design allows you to plug your phone charger and access all phone functions without removing the case.

What makes this iPhone XR Hypercolor Case different and better than others is that it will change its colors every time you put your hand on it. The color of the case will start to change once a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius is reached, and then will return to its initial color after cooling down. The change of colors is not a result of a chemical but a physical reaction, so it is completely harmless to your body.

Unique and attractive, this case will surely make your phone stand out.

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