Adult Pink Hypercolor Shirt


Pink to blue hyper-color shirt for men and women

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This is a regular T-shirt but is from the people that are rapidly becoming known for their unique hypercolor shirts which always seem to become popular and perhaps even trend setting. With an amusing aspect which is sure to bring a smile to many people’s faces, these particular t-shirt are pink but are also available in other colors including light green, purple and blue. Although the shirt is a solid one color, it does have a hand print on it as if the shirt was covered in wet paint and the wearer had placed their hand on it transferring the paint from the shirt onto their hand. Although as absurd as the premise may be, it is one which many people will find amusing and fail not to smile at the thought.

The manufacturers are always looking to not only improve their products but to also provide their customers with unique and hopefully, such as in this case, a humorous aspect. At just $29.99 each these shirts are amazing value especially, unlike many other t-shirt designs, they are not specifically designed for one particular event and so can be worn on multiple occasions when they will always be attractive and, raise an eyebrow and create a smile.