Color Changing Bowls (Set of 8)


Set of 8: purple,green, blue and more.

4Β½ inches wide at the top and 2ΒΎ inches high

There are many times when you’re looking for some cool, distinctive and fun home dΓ©cor. And that’s why we are here to assist. Through these amazing Color changing bowls you can easily gain access to the best products on the market, all while bringing in the value and experience that you always wanted. It’s an incredible experience and one that you will cherish in an immersive and powerful manner. Your purchase will give you a set of 8 bowls in total.

Each bowl has his own distinctive color pattern. That means you will have a very good time trying to see where and how you can use each one of the bowls. It’s different, rewarding way for you to decorate your home with full creativity!

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