Color Changing Cups 17oz (Set of 12)


Set of 12: red,blue,green,purple
Size: 17oz

Are you looking for a way to add a little dramatic flair to next party or outdoor BBQ? Want a great way to encourage your child to drink more water? If so then the solution may be as simple as purchasing the Hypercolor color changing cups.

These 17 ounce stadium style cups come in a set of 12 frosted color mugs with a light tint to each one, that is until you put in an icy cold drink then watch the cup turn off the pales of pinks to a bright bold red, From barely discernible blue to bright in your face vivid blue and from hardly noticeable light green and purple the brightest of bright colors of green and purple.

For best results you want to start the cups out at room temperature than drop in ice and a chilled drink and watch the magic happen.
These cups are BPA free and are safe to wash on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Since these cups come in a set of 12 there should be 3 cups of each color. These fun glasses are perfect for homemade shakes, ice cold smoothies and even for enjoying a glass of ice water or soda pop.

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