Color Changing Baby Spoons (Set of 8)


Set of 8: purple,green, blue and more.

Made of non-toxic, food-grade silicone, these feeding utensils are awesome baby shower gifts. The utensils package includes 4 silicone spoons and 4 heat-sensitive spoons in multiple color combinations. The heat-sensitive spoons will transform their color into translucent color once they reach a temperature above 40 degrees.

Ideal for babies that just learn to eat without help, but also great for moms that want to use quality utensils for feeding their toddlers. What makes these utensils a good choice is that they are gum-friendly for the sensitive gums of babies and toddlers. The soft silicone is very gentle, so your baby will not feel any pain or anxiety associated with teething.

Mealtimes will be much more pleasurable, both for moms and their babies because the colorful spoons will keep their attention and make them happy.

Another great thing about Color Changing Baby Spoons package is that they are very easy to clean and use. They are ergonomic, which means they fit perfectly in hands, so feeding is easy and simple.

Get these spoons today and make your baby very happy!

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