Color Changing Shot Glasses (Set of 12)


Set of 4: purple,green, blue and more.

Are you planning to host a party? Well, make sure that you host an unforgettable party with these interesting details- color-changing shot glasses! They are ideal for parties giving that there is no risk of breaking them, because they are not made of glass but from plastic! But, unlike some other plastic glasses, these you can use more than once because they are reusable. The most interesting thing about these specific glasses is that with adding a chilled shot to the glass, the glass will change from one vivid color to another as the temperature drops.

Sounds cool, right? In this set, for an affordable price, the set of 12 is great bang for its buck. Regarding the color of the glasses, you can choose your combination of colors- pink to purple, yellow to green, light blue to purple, or frosted to blue. The glasses are BPA-free, and you can wash them in your dishwasher. Get your color-changing glasses and host a party to remember!

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