Color Changing Spoons (Set of 24)


These assorted 24 color changing spoons are super fun while enjoying your favorite ice cream or meal. Made up of high quality plastic, these spoons are BBA-free and will change the color in cold food temperatures. These spoons changes color from room temperature to cold temperatures so are great for cold food and drinks. So these are best for enjoying frozen treats with color change magic.

Every spoon is two shaded like blue changes to purple, orange to red, red to yellow etc. This package includes 24 assorted color changing spoons while each spoon is 5 -1/2” long, provides a comfortable fit in hand. These are durable and reusable. So can be used several times. These color changing magic spoons are a big hit for kids and adult’s parties, birthdays, bridal shower and holiday events.

Features & Specifications:
• Made of high quality plastic
• Durable & reusable
• Pack of 24 assorted spoons
• Color change from room temperature to cold temperature

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