Color Changing Elmer’s Blue to Purple Glue


Size: 9 fl oz

Elmer’s liquid glue is known for the quality it provides in making color-changing slime. It is specifically developed for children’s use and is safe, non-toxic, and easily washable. The one listed here will change colors from blue to purple.

This Elmer’s glue changes its colors during sunlight exposure. You don’t need any color additive with this glue. After making a slime, expose it to the sun and you will see a change in color from blue to purple. You can restore the original color by removing the slime from the sunlight.

You can make several beautiful paintings or arts using this color-changing Elmer’s glue. This liquid glue allows you to design unique patterns on your projects either by using a LED light or by slightly blocking the sun.

Elmer’s color-changing blue to purple glue is easily washable with water and soap, and it doesn’t run. So, you can comfortably use this nontoxic glue for different creativities. All such surprising features make this glue a perfect choice for multiple school activities.

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