Color Changing Blue to White 3D Printer PLA Filament (3mm, 200g)


Bringing you a 3D printer filament with a diameter of 2.85 millimeters and weighs only 0.6 pounds. The filament is sealed with desiccant to sustain a state of dryness. It is made from the highest quality virgin material. PLA, polylactic acid is processed from several plant products. Also, it is an earth-friendly plastic that will make it easy and reliable to use for as long as you want either in your house, factory, or your workplace. Its color-changing feature is a special one as it changes color when the heat is applied. You can have an estimate of its temperature by its color.

It changes to another color when the temperature reaches approximately 88F. And as soon as the temperature falls below 88F, it turns back to its default color. This means that filament will simply change its color when you’ll simply hold it in your hand. It is Blue at room temperature, white when above 88F. It amazes you with its fine quality, durability, and long-lasting features.

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