Color Changing Green to Yellow 3D Printer PLA Filament (3mm, 2.2lb)


If you are searching for a quality filament to match your creative needs, then look no further than this Green to Yellow 3D Printer PLA (Polylactic Acid) Filament. This is a very good product that you will surely like. The color of the green filament changes to yellow in presence of heat, which is very nice to see. It has a sturdy reel, it comes with no bubbles or any other issues, and you will receive it in a vacuum package which is a standard for a high-quality PLA filament.

The green to yellow color changing PLA filament is made after processing different plant products and is considered a much more environmental-friendly plastic in comparison to others. Since PLA comes from sugars, it produces a gentle sweet smell when it gets heated during printing. That is certainly much more pleasant in comparison to other ABS filaments that emit a hot plastic smell.

This 3D Printer PLA Color Changing Green to Yellow Filament is strong and rigid, producing sharper and better details in comparison to ABS filaments. Compatible with Afinia, Makerbot, RepRap, Solidoodle, and all other standard printers, make this filament a valuable purchase.

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