Color Changing Mouse Pad


If you are looking for a unique and cool mouse pad, you should take a look at Hypercolor Color Changing Mouse Pad. This mouse pad is sensitive to heat. In other words, it will react according to the temperature of your hand. You can simply touch the mouse pad and see how it is changing the color accordingly.

This mouse pad is made with liquid crystals, which are made out of different colors. Hence, you see colors such as red, green, and blue, which appears on the mouse pad based on the temperature. Apart from the color changing behavior, you can also call this as one of the most practical mouse pads available in the market for your purchase. You can get an ergonomic experience because of the thin design.

Unlike traditional mouse pads, you will not be able to find an open cell rubber backing in this mouse pad. Instead, you will only see a thin, non-skid coating. This will deliver a perfect ergonomic experience to you with the mouse pad. Whether you are a gamer, coder, or a casual computer user, you will fall in love with the design and functionality delivered out of this mouse pad.

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