Color Changing Orange to Yellow 3D Printer PLA Filament (3mm, 2.2lb)


This temperature change 3D printer filament is made up of high-quality PLA material that changes color from orange to yellow when temperature goes above 31ΒΊC. It means you can see the orange color when temperature is or under 31ΒΊC and it will turn yellow when heated above this temperature. These 3D printer filaments have strong compatibility as they feed easily & smoothly and run tightly without any air bubbles.

These filaments are great for most of the 3D printers. It is made up of 100% eco-friendly material. The filament become wrapped over the cardboard spool, that is too environment friendly. Having Diameter (Tolerance) of 1.75 mm Β±0.05 mm it is great for industrial and scientific manufacturing products. For great printing effect, Extrusion (205~210℃) and print speed Below 30mm/s is recommended.

Specification & Features:
β€’ High quality PLA material
β€’ Smooth feed, no bubble & odor
β€’ Compatible to most of 3D printers
β€’ Color change with temperature
β€’ Great printing & environment friendly
β€’ Best for industrial & scientific product manufacturing supplies

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