Color Changing Purple to Pink 3D Printer PLA Filament (3mm, 2.2lb)


Purple blue to pink color changing printer filament by this vendor is one of the astonishing PLA 3D Printer filaments. This filament comes in two different color options and produces high-quality prints. This filament is temperature-sensitive and changes colors accordingly. It looks purple-blue under 31ΒΊC, and above that temperature, its color becomes pink. This color-changing feature makes this filament a perfect choice for different models.

You can smoothly feed this 3D printer filament without clogging the extruder. Maintain extruder temperature between 205-210ΒΊC and print speed below 30mm/s to achieve better results. There is no need to heat the bed during hot temperatures, but you have to heat the bed around 60ΒΊC in cold climates.

You have to store this purple to the pink filament in a dry and secured bag after properly retracting it from the printer. Protect this filament from direct sunlight exposure. In this way, your filament will become long-lasting. The cardboard of this durable 3D printer filament is entirely recyclable. So, a top-quality color-changing filament will be the ideal choice for FDM 3D printers.

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