Color Changing Heart Print Umbrella


Hypercolor color changing heart print umbrella

Enjoy 3-fold heart-shaped printed umbrellas turn into multiple colors when they get wet and cheer you up with this novelty? You can see and the magical ink change just before your eyes as the water hits the colored umbrella fabric. The colors change back to white as the umbrella dries away, a way to enjoy the transformation over and over.

The color change folding heart umbrella is protective, compact, and fitted with high-quality systems and has anti-slip, soft-grip handle, and waterproof shielding to keep you dry on a rainy day while providing a joyful experience with changing colors of heart-shaped prints. It can fit comfortably fit in your handbag, or shoulder bag for easy holding and transport. It will not have corrosion or will not wear away short term as well as being lightweight.

A perfect gift, practical, enjoyable, and exciting to stun friends and family! These color change travel size heart printed umbrellas are perfect options for those who want to stand out from the crowd on Christmas or birthday presents again.

This 3-fold color-changing umbrella is around 385 g and the length is about 55 cm.

The color-changing fabric heart printed umbrella has black fiberglass ribs and a black iron frame. The handle is rubber-coated and it has an auto-open function.

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