Color Changing Black to Blue Powder


black to blue color changing powder – 10 grams

The black-to-blue hyper color powder changes its color from black to blue when the temperature exceeds 77⁰F/25⁰C. However, the process is reversible. When the temperature gets cold, the powder turns back to its black form. This hyper color black and blue non-toxic powder can be used to for arts and craft projects, play-doh, science experiments and to make slime etc. The color changing powder mixes well with an array of material, ranging from glue to hair dye. You can also mix it with acrylic paint and get a color changing paint for your project. Overall, there are endless ways you can use the black to blue powder. All those of you who are looking to unleash their creativity, use this black to blue hyper color powder to create your next big project. Whether it be slime or a science experiment, the color changing thermochromic black/bluepowder will come in handy for it all.

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