Color Changing Black to Pink Powder


10 grams of black to pink color changing powder

The color-changing powder pigment is a unique creation by our top vendors. The powder changes its color from black to pink at 25⁰C. you can be creative with this powder and experiment with it in several ways. The black to pink powder is great for exciting science and art projects. you can even add it to your nail paint or hair dye to create a new look. Adding this powder to slime is another fun-loving experience as the kids would love the color-changing slime.

The color changing black to pink powder, however, turns back to its original color once it cools down. You can use it again and again and it gives the same results. The temperature-activated thermochromic color-changing powder is non-toxic hence, you can give it to your kids without any worries. The black to pink pigment is of good quality which makes it a must-buy for everyone who loves experimenting with colors.

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