Color Changing Blue to Purple Powder


10 grams

This quality color changing powder goes from black to violet (purple) at 88⁰F/31⁰C ideal for a wide variety of arts and crafts and blends well for most forms of media, paints, and adhesives. With this blue to purple color changing powder, you can use your heat-sensitive mugs, secret notes, mood tags, nail polish, slime, or Whatever You Might Imagine.

DIY activities are the best for this blue to purple color-changing pigment. You can mix this bicolor thermochromic powder pigment with your watercolors and add a dimension to your artwork. Also, for fabric renovations and shoes, you can use them directly or mix them with cream paints.

This product is suitable for skin contact and does not contain toxic chemicals (but not of course it is not intended for consumption). Good for color-changing slime, play dough, Sugru, Polymorph, and nail gloss and polish. Just your creativity is your limit for this fantastic product. Buy now and start making vivid and dazzling creations, craftworks, enrich your beauty supplies, and even certain utensils in your home. The process is temporary because when the pigment is cold, it turns to its initial color. It can be used repeatedly!

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