Color Changing Red to Yellow Powder


10 grams of red to yellow color changing powder

This thermochromic pigment powder often transitions from one color to another. In most cases, its red to yellow color-changing capability is set to work when the temperature is at 88 degrees Fahrenheit. This red to yellow powder product is packaged in a recloseable zip lock bag for buyers’ convenience.

Its maximum particle size is within a range of 10 microns. The red to yellow color changing powder is great for all kinds of art-related work like resin/epoxy, paintings, murals, wax, jewelry making, and lots more. Be informed that these powders are waterproof and can be used in water-based mediums like acrylic paints without experiencing any issue.

Technical Specifications
• Material: Thermochromic spheres
• Durability: It can alternate between colors countless times. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light can seriously affect its color changing nature.
• Weight: 20 grams
• Safety: Non-toxic. Do not ingest or inhale.

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