Hypercolor Color Changing Electronics

Hypercolor phone cases are a fun and colorful way to protect your cell phone. These phone cases are made from environmentally friendly materials that change color when the temperature of the case exceeds 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit. You get your choice of colors when choosing a phone case with color choices being black to blue, black to green, black to red, or red to yellow. These phone cases are made for both Android phones and iPhones specifically the Galaxy S10, the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS with many more to come.

Having spent good money for cell phone, you want to protect it from damage and this Hypercolor phone case does just that while allowing you plug in your charger and operate all essential buttons without having to remove the phone from case. This Hypercolor phone case all makes the phone easier to grip resulting less drops for even protection making it fun and safe at the same time!

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