Hypercolor Color Changing Powder

Whether you want to add Hypercolor powder to your child's play time by mixing some of this powder into their slime or play doh, or whether you want to create some cool color changing nail polish this hypercolor color changing powder will do the trick. Each different powder comes in a 10 gram little container and your colors choices include: black to blue, black to green, black to pink, black to yellow, blue to purple, green to yellow and red to yellow.

Young kids love watching their play doh change color as they work it when you add a bit of hypercolor powder to white playdoh. The Play Doh will start out black and then as your child's hands warm it up the Play Doh will turn to blue, pink, yellow or whatever other color you choose. However, this hypercolor color changing powder is not just fun for kids, but adults will love it too. Girls and women enjoy adding some Hypercolor powder to clear their nail polish then watching their nail polish color change as your hands get warmer or cooler. You'll find yourself wanting to stick your hands under cold water then warm water just to watch the colors change. It's also fun discovering what else you can add this color changing powder to in order to brighten your day and amaze your friends.

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